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3 Easy Steps for Beautiful Healthy Skin

3 Easy Steps for Beautiful Healthy Skin

One of the first things you need to do to feel beautiful and great in your own body is loving your skin. This is something we need to treat and take care of to be able to feel healthy and young. From knowing what skin type you have to which products work best for you, it is all a process of trying new things and exploring what will help your skin look like a baby. Having a healthy skin will definitely help you feel more comfortable when wearing lingerie and enjoy each moment a little more. 

We have talked before of things that will make you feel happy and if we feel happy then our skin will too. As we have mentioned being healthy and looking healthy comes from within and everything you put in your body, in and out, will dictate how you look and how you feel. From eating healthy to working out, to just enjoying life those are things that can affect in a bad or better way how your skin looks.


At home spa days

Maybe you don’t have time each day to take a long bath, put on a hair or face mask, do a little at home pedi, but once a week you should take maybe an hour to do so. This will not only relax you but you will have time to do those little things that will help you skin detoxify and look more glowy and healthy. This could be putting a mask on, exfoliating, shaving and moisturizing your body, taking a salts bath, applying serums, whatever your body needs. 


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Apply sunscreen

You may be bored of hearing this but sun is the most damaging thing for your skin. Not only when going to the beach but everyday. It is really important that you apply a generous amount of sunscreen to your face, neck and areas that can be exposed to the sun to protect your skin from UV rays. Even if you are staying at home, lights from your computer or phone can damage your skin. Always remember to reapply through the day.


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Drink plenty of water

What better way to moisturize your skin than from within. Water is the best way you can hydrate and ensure your skin looks glowy. Drinking 8 cups of water a day will not only help your organs function properly, your skin stay hydrated but also will help you stay looking younger. There are many water bottles that help you keep track of how much water you drink daily. This could be your solution to not forgetting how much you have drank each day.

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