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All About: Bodysuits

All About: Bodysuits

Yes, one of our favorite pieces! Bodysuits are a one-piece form fitting, skin-tight piece that can be used in so many ways. Their versatility and practicality are two of the key points when using these. Some may be a pull-up piece and others have snaps at the bottom making them easier to wear for a night out. Here at Friday Intimates we do have many bodysuits, some more revealing than others, but it is totally up to you and how you wear them. Some are completely see-through, others have a padded top area, making them a perfect piece to wear with a high waisted pant or skirt. This is what we refer to when talking about their versatility. Having a piece you can use both on your intimate moments and for a girls night out. Another plus side about bodysuits is when wearing them as a clothing piece, it will always stay tucked in. You will not have to worry about them coming out of your bottom and that is just fabulous. 

There are so many ways you can wear a bodysuit. Let us show you our favorite ones and how we will style them.


Kim Bodysuit:

This is hands down one of the most prettiest bodysuits you will ever find. Its mesh, lace and flower embroidery says it all. It is a great piece for Spring, pair it with high waisted black pants or jeans and some heels and you are ready to go. It has padded cups which makes it extra comfortable to wear without worrying about showing too much or something coming out of place. Its see through tummy area will give you that extra touch of sexy without being too revealing and paired with some high waisted pants you will only be showing a peak of it. Its back is also very sexy, it has a scalloped edge lace and cut-out for an extra touch of a romantic feeling. The thin fabric on the bottom makes it totally seamless through bottoms.




Aspyn Bodysuit:

This bodysuit is a dream. Its color, fit, and lace detailed fabric will make a statement when wearing it. Some may think it can only be used on intimate occasions but here at Friday we think possibilities are endless. It does have a more see through top area and it's unlined but it is not something that has to stop you from wearing it to go out.  There are two options you can do and transform it from a lingerie piece to a sexy top. Wear it with silicone nipple covers. These are life changing, they come in a skin like color that blends in with your skin and seem like you have nothing. They are also extra comfortable and stay in place for long periods of time. They are a great alternative for those shirts you can’t wear a bra with. Another way of using this bodysuit to go out is wearing it with a blazer on top. Wearing a blazer will cover some of the see through areas and will make it less revealing. You can also close the blazer with a belt and have the bodysuit only picking at the top area for an extra romantic touch. 




 Olivia Bodysuit: 

Our Olivia bodysuit is the perfect bride-to-be lingerie. This white lace piece is super delicate and feminine and can be used either for intimate moments as for a cocktail or rehearsal dinner with a white skirt on top. Its plunge neckline makes this piece the center of attention but also has a lot of coverage for you to feel comfortable when wearing it. Pair it with gold accessories and you will be stunning. It's a piece you can transform in so many ways, due to its color, you can pair it with black, blue, cream or any color of your preference depending on the season. Wear it in summer with cute high waisted jeans, some cute sandals and you will be set. 



There are so many ways for wearing a bodysuit you will love it. The key is having different styles and colors so you can create endless outfits with. These will add a feminine sexy touch and don't forget they will have you ready for intimate moments anytime. Don't be afraid and play with its many possibilities, they will definitely become a staple in your wardrobe.

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