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All About: Stockings

All About: Stockings

Stockings are a great lingerie accessory every woman should own. These can be used in so many ways and take your whole look to another level. With time, stockings have been a staple to give an outfit a sexier vibe and in the more intimate times paired with other lingerie pieces such as a pantie and a bra. Stockings are a great way to feel sexier, more feminine and confident while being comfortable and subtle at the same time. Once you own a couple of pairs you will not repeat an outfit ever again.

Within all of the options you have to wear stockings the most disguised way is pairing them up with a mini skirt or dress for a more sexy, going out look. A great tip we can share is to wear these when going on a date, that way your significant other will have a sneak peak of your lingerie for later that night. If you still are hesitant about wearing stockings you can wear more simple styles which will still make you look feminine and coquette without being too much. 


If you are not afraid of stockings there is a big variety and different styles for you to choose from. They go from just a classic minimalist band to a more lacey detailed one. Worn alone or with garters and a garter belt can also help you flatten your tummy and elongate your legs. Garter belts accentuate your waist and its band will help you control your core which sometimes can be one of our biggest insecurities. 

When taking care of your stocking you will want to be very careful with how delicate they are. We recommend hand washing them if possible, with a very mild soap that is not abrasive to the material. We do not recommend placing them in the dryer or using harsh chemicals since these may damage and even break the stockings. Hang them to dry and put them in a breathable safe place to store them.

Bringing out confidence and showing your sexier side will help you feel good with yourself and consequently with your loved one. We are sure your partner will love them and will be a big surprise if you have never worn them before. We invite you to check our variety of stockings and to get out of your comfort zone. Let Friday Intimates make you feel good with yourself everyday, any time. 

Enjoy your Friday!

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