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Choose the Right Bra for Different Necklines

Choose the Right Bra for Different Necklines

Depending on what you are wearing is the bra you will need to choose. Not all bras go with every piece and it is really important to choose the one that fits the most to that certain top or dress. It is never flattering to be showing the back of your bra in a halter top or showing the straps with a strapless dress. For this reason there are different types of bras and remember choosing the incorrect bra could ruin a complete outfit. It is an essential for you to examine your wardrobe and see which are the tops and dresses that you mostly have. It is not necessary to have one of each bra but to have options to choose with your clothes.


1. T-shirt Bra

As the name suggests, this bra is perfect to wear underneath that everyday t-shirt. This is a full coverage bra, completely comfortable to use in your everyday basis and with outfits that show less skin.


2. Balcony Bra

This style of bra has a slight push-up effect and it will accentuate your natural shape. This is still a very comfortable bra but it is very important to choose the right cup size since having the wrong one may cause your breasts to come out of the cup because of its more low cut. The balcony bra is perfect to use with low necklines and boat neck tops. 


3. Demi Bra

Similar to the balcony bra but with partial coverage. This bra enhances your cleavage since it has a lower V cut. These are great to use with low sheer lace neckline tops. Again, it is really important to choose the correct sizing to make it an extra comfortable bra and make its fit a more natural one. You can check out our How to Measure Your Bra Size for a perfect sizing.


4. Bralettes

These are so comfortable and girly, definitely one of our faves. These bras are very decorative, most are made of lace or mesh fabric and some may be completely see-through. They do not have an underwire and most of them are unlined. Bralettes are perfect to use with sheer, revealing tops and structured outfits. One way we love to pair these with is under a blazer for an extra touch of sexy peaking through.


5. Strapless Bra

The no visible straps bra. These are great for off the shoulder, halter and spaghetti strap tops. Another bra that needs to fit perfectly to be a comfortable one. Most of the time this could be the most uncomfortable since not having straps could make it fall down but if you choose the correct size this won't be a problem.


6. Adhesive Bra

Very similar to the strapless bra but this one is totally backless. It may come as silicone cups or some are padded and they have a sticky side you attach to your skin and it will not fall out. These are great to use with off shoulder, halter and backless tops.

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