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Dressing up Your Lingerie

Dressing up Your Lingerie

Who said lingerie can’t be worn to go out? Here at Friday everything is possible. With a pair of jeans or palazzo pants, with a blazer or a leather jacket, you choose your look. Lingerie gives any look a more romantic and seductive look. It may anticipate your partner about what's to come later or just make you look flirty and cute. We have created some inspo looks for you to follow and envision some outfits with our pieces.

It will never be a boring outfit when you include lingerie to it.

Enjoy your Friday!


Classy Look:

Combine any of our bodysuits with a blazer and elegant accessories for a "chic" look.

The lingerie will give that flirty and fun look to the more serious pieces.

Bodysuit: (Rachel)

Pants, Blazer, Shoes:



Casual Look:

Yes, one of our faves! This casual look is everything. This is the most precise representation

of using lingerie anywhere and everywhere. You just have to play with different pieces and make it work.

Lingerie: (Whitney)

Jeans, jacket, tennis:



Date Night Look:

What better way to anticipate your partner of what is to come later than using lingerie

to go on a date night? Pair it with your high waisted palazzo pants or a skirt and you are ready to go.

Lingerie: (Kelsey)

Pants, shoes, purse:


Fun Look:

Fun, colorful and cute! This look is so vibrant, you will be the center of attention anywhere you wear it. 

The key to this look is color blocking, picking out colors from your lingerie and bringing them out

with other pieces in your look.

Lingerie: (Kim)

Pants, shoes and purse:

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