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How to Feel Confident in Lingerie After Having Kids

How to Feel Confident in Lingerie After Having Kids

We all know after having kids our body is not always the same and insecurities can start to show. Even if we are happy to give birth and having the most precious blessing of all, feeling ourselves back again is something most women struggle with and even more when it comes to being intimate with your partner again. Skin stretches, some tummy may still be present, stretch marks could bother and even your breast can change. Here at Friday Intimates we  promote confidence in our own skin no matter shape, size or age. It is extremely important women feel extremely comfortable and beautiful any day, any time. There are some tips and tricks that may help you feel more secure and relax with your body when being intimate again. We believe confidence comes from within but a little help can never go wrong and using lingerie pieces is one of them.


1. Use garter belts

These waist pieces accentuate your natural shape in the best way possible. They are structured which means they will control that extra skin you don’t like and take the attention away from those other insecurities you may have. Some of our pieces already have this included. You can adjust them at the back as you would do a normal bra to have the perfect fit and their fabric is totally comfortable to wear around the house as a sexy lounge piece or to use on those more intimate moments. The vertical binding will also elongate your torso making you look slimmer. 


2. Babydolls are essential

This dress like lingerie is the perfect way to feel sexy and comfortable in your own skin. They are very comfortable and will cover a little but with its see through fabric it will still be totally sensual for you and your partner to enjoy. Most of the time these are made with a mix of fabrics making the piece look delicate and feminine. Some may be padded at the top or have cut-outs accentuating your chest area and driving the attention away from those insecurities you may have. Others may be open at the back, showing some extra skin and making you feel powerful. The key is to accentuate the areas you feel more comfortable with and distract from the ones you don’t. 😉


3. Teddys are extra sexy

If you like bodysuits you will love teddys. These are a sexier version and some are more flattering. Teddys are usually completely see-through and feature a high leg cut. Both of this things are perfect for accentuating parts of your body you love and feel confident about. For example your legs, having a high leg cut is an extra since this will elongate them and make you feel taller and slimmer. Some may have a deep V plunge neckline, making the piece extra sexy and revealing, something your partner will love and will not care about what you are feeling uncomfortable about. Most of them have a thong back also making other assets stand out.


Feeling insecure and uncomfortable is something that we don’t accept. Here at Friday we will always help you feel extra special and secure in your own skin. Because we are all amazing and beautiful and so it's our body, even after giving birth.

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