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How to Mix and Match Our Lingerie

How to Mix and Match Our Lingerie

Even though most of our lingerie comes in sets already, why not play with the pieces and mix and match? Doing this can give you a whole new look, and you will never have a repeated piece to wear with your significant other. Most of our lingerie have lace patterns and you would say mixing these is not a good idea, but we think there are no rules when it comes to mixing lingerie. If you notice most of lingerie’s bottoms are neutral, most of them don’t have lace, only an applique that kind of matches with every other top. 

For example our Whitney set. These pieces have black lace, very simple and delicate lace that can match with many other sets. Lets match it with our Hailey set, this one also hace lace, a very similar one and it doesn’t have a lot of binding which makes it easy to pair with.



Looks great, right? This is what we mean with mixing and matching. Not only can you use each piece with their respective set but you can also look for similar laces or pieces that don’t have many details and pair them together. You can mix a very simple piece with a more extravagant piece to make it more fun or tone it down. The combinations are endless and one you know how to pair pieces together you will have a great lingerie drawer with sets you will never repeat. 

Other pieces you can easily use to mix and match are our Ella and Isabella set. Both of these sets are very similar in composition. Both have a similar lace pattern and see through fabric. Let’s see how it looks.



Another way that you can always mix and match our pieces is getting our robes, our stockings and single bottoms and bras. For example our Chloe push-up bustier. This piece is just a dream. Its lace details, gold metallic details and cups that will accentuate your chest area like no other. This piece can easily be paired with any low rise bottom, you can vary the coverage you would like and add some stockings for an extra touch. Fun, right? 

Visit our store and pick your favorite pieces you can mix and match with other pieces you already have.

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