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How to Organize Your Lingerie

How to Organize Your Lingerie

Your lingerie drawer should be one of the most important and loved ones in your entire closet. For us, lingerie lovers, this drawer should be impeccable and the most organized of them all. Having your pieces well stored and folded will not only help you find your pieces quicker but will also help you take care of them and conserve them the best way possible. Having them in a dry safe place will prevent your pieces from getting damaged. Humidity can cause fabrics to lose their color, flexibility and wearability. 

A great way to combat humidity is with a dehumidifier. If you have not heard of this, it is a machine that helps reduce musty odors, that can also be accompanied with mold and mildew that will eventually damage your lingerie and prevent you from wearing it whenever you want. This kind of humidity can also cause allergies and with intimate clothing you want to be very careful since it goes so close to your skin. 

 When folding your lingerie you may want to be very careful with the fabric. The type of fabric used for lingerie is very fragile, soft, and can be torn apart very easily. You don’t want to mix your bras with other pieces since the closures may get stock on the lace of other pieces and ruin them. We recommend getting dividers for your drawers and placing them apart. This will prevent tearing, transfer of colors, getting stuck and just getting bad odor. 

We also recommend not folding them but placing them horizontally. Sometimes folding your bras can damage the underwire and even break it. When you fold a bra the underwire can get stock and even pull the fabric apart and ruin it. If you don’t want this to happen, place them open facing up and a little inclined. This will not only help you take care of them but you will be able to find them easier.  

Preventing bad odors is another thing you may want to take into consideration. You don’t want your lingerie to have a bad odor since this may be totally uncomfortable to you and your partner when being intimate. This may cause you to be insecure and not be relaxed with your significant other. There are a lot of ways you may prevent this but our favorite one is to place a dryer odor sheet in between every other bra or lingerie piece. This is something that will not damage your pieces since it is meant to be used with clothing and will help you keep that fresh odor anytime. 

Follow these tips and you will be able to take care of your lingerie in the best way possible. Not only when you purchase them but for a long long time, extending each piece's life. Visit  blog area for more tips on women’s health, confidence and obviously lingerie. 

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