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How to Take Care of your Lingerie

How to Take Care of your Lingerie

One of the most important things when making an investment in good quality lingerie is to take good care of it and extend its lifetime. There are a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to washing, using and storing them. These will not only extend the time of usage but will also make them presentable for intimate times. Confidence is something women struggle a lot with and here at Friday we strongly believe lingerie is an essential part of women feeling powerful, comfortable and like they can conquer the world. As they say, it's the little things that make the difference, well for us it's lingerie. If you feel good in your lingerie and it fits correctly, your clothes will too.

Washing your lingerie can sometimes be tricky. These are sometimes fragile and tend to tear apart if getting stuck with other clothing pieces. Here at Friday we recommend washing your pieces separately on a delicate cycle or hand-wash them for extra gentle care. This will prevent lace and mesh fabrics from tearing and straps from losing their elasticity. Also, hook and eye closures may be damaging when getting stuck on laces; washing them by hand will give you more control on preventing this. It is really important that you don’t throw your lingerie in the dryer. This can be very damaging and could ruin your whole piece. The safest way to dry them is hanging them and letting it air dry. We also recommend laying them flat to prevent laces and material from getting stretched by hangers. Something that may also be damaging for lingeries is very harsh chemicals and detergents. Because its fabric is so delicate, we recommend using a detergent without enzymes and warm water to rinse them out. 

Be sure they dry completely before putting them away since another thing that can be damaging to lingerie is humidity. Leaving them a little wet can ruin paddings, elastics and can make them have a bad odor for next time use. For storage we recommend placing them separately too. Making a drawer only for lingerie is a great idea. This will prevent other pieces from ruining your lingerie and fabrics from getting ruined by others. Remember lingerie fabric is very fragile and delicate, it is not the same fabric your jeans or shirts are made off. It is extremely important that you take care of your pieces for a longer durability and just to keep it looking as new when wearing it. Another important thing when it comes to lingerie is not ironing it. Their delicate fabric may be totally ruined by high temperatures. For this reason, we recommend laying it flat to dry and this way the fabric will not get wrinkly. Mesh fabric on babydolls or bodysuits can easily get burned if iron. 

If you follow these tips you will definitely have long lasting pieces to enjoy with your partner. You will feel great while wearing them and will not have to spend thousands of dollars on new lingerie every time you wash them.


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