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Introducing: Our Different Styles of Lingerie

Introducing: Our Different Styles of Lingerie

Let’s talk about lingerie! We are so excited for you to meet our pieces and fall in love with them as much as we are. Friday Intimates has made sure to provide you with the most high quality pieces that will compliment every body shape and size as well as becoming a must have in your closet. Inside our collection you will find a variety of sexy bras, undies, babydolls, bodysuits, teddies, garters, hosiery and stockings. Not leaving outside our silky robes and sets.


Our bras are lives changers. Their material, support, coverage, color and delicate lace will be great to use either at the moment of intimacy or in your everyday life. Pair them with our undies for a simple yet shocking look. See our How to Measure your Bra Size post, where we help you find your correct fit.



From thongs to bikinis, our undies have been designed to pair perfectly with the rest of our lingerie. Their delicate fabric will fit and compliment your body in the most flattering way, while also being comfortable for everyday wear. Depending on your liking, you will be able to choose coverage and material of your piece.



Our babydolls are great for every body type. These dress-like lingerie have a looser fit, accentuating your bust and hips and making your waist the center of attention. These are great to use with our undies and even our stockings for a more sensual look. 



We love bodysuits! These pieces are great because of their versatility. They can be worn as a more intimate piece or as a top for your everyday wear. Pair it with a high-waisted bottom and you are set. If you thought lingerie could only be used at home, you are wrong. Post on how to style your bodysuits, coming soon!



Very similar to bodysuits, but you will want to stick to the bedroom with this one This piece is a very comfortable lingerie that hugs your body in a very favorable way. Some of our teddies can be see-through, lace fabric and with cut-outs making them more sensual and a piece your partner will love. 



Perfect to keep your stockings in place or to give other pieces a whole different look, garters are fun and maybe an out of your comfort zone piece you will can’t be shy to use. These accentuate your waist very well and can also favor your legs giving them a more elongated look. Garters can also be used under a mini skirt for a romantic outing with your significant other.



Friday Intimates has assured that besides their pieces being sexy and cute, they are durable and resistant for everyday use. Stockings are no exception. From the more simple ones to the lace more ornamented pair, this lingerie accessory is a must have that will transform your lingerie game. No matter how many times you have used a bra and a pantie set, if you add a pair of stockings to it your partner will never notice. Get 1, 2 or 3 and mix and match with other pieces; you will thank us later.



Last but not least, robes! These can be used in so many ways you will want one in every color. Use them on top of your lingerie or while you get ready in the morning after shower. Robes are a must have. Their silky material gives these a sexy, delicate, very feminine look. Brides this is a good thing to have while you get ready on that special day.


Already chose your favorite set? Remember to follow us in our social media pages where we post different combinations you can create with our pieces to feel your best everyday. You will thank us later!

Pick your fave and enjoy your Friday!

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