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Keep Your Relationship Alive After Valentine’s Day

Keep Your Relationship Alive After Valentine’s Day

Even though Valentine’s is over, not going back to a routine is something very important. Keeping your relationship full of romanticism and excitement should always be yours and your partner’s goal. Here at Friday Intimates we will  help you to keep that flame alive and never have a dull moment ever again. Trying new things, planning out of your comfort zone dates, having alone time if you have kids, are always the key to success when it comes to relationships. It is really important that you both feel special and have each other’s back everyday.

Our #1 recommendation is date nights. Planning something special for you both to enjoy, maybe once or twice a week is something you don’t want to miss. This will help you both forget about work, kids, problems in general and just focus on each other. Simple dates are always the best, we recommend picking up dinner in your favorite restaurant, going to the movies, even going on a walk and just exploring nature is a great thing to relax and take a fresh breath from the usual. If you want something at home, you can take an online cooking class, try a new recipe or just play your favorite playlist and dance with each other. It's the little things that mean the most.

Having a more “all out” date is something you can leave for weekends. Make a reservation in your favorite restaurant, go watch a play, even going out with friends is something you may want to do once in a while. Having other people around to talk to may spice things up and bring you closer later when being alone again. Remember the most important thing is to show your significant other you are their coming home gift, that person that will always be there to share from the more extravagant things to the most simple ones.

Oh and don’t forget intimacy! At Friday we offer all the essentials to spice things up later at night. From stockings to a cute babydoll, we are sure your partner will appreciate it and you will feel extra confident with them on. It is really important to keep your relationship out of monotony and what better way than building up the excitement and love with these simple gestures. Feeling special and confident in your relationship is always the key.

Enjoy your Friday!


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