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Lets Talk: Maternity

Lets Talk: Maternity

Here on Friday Intimates we celebrate women of all shapes, sizes and ages.  We celebrate being singles, married, with kids and living their best life. It doesn’t matter for us your status, what matters is every woman being happy and confident in their own skin. As part of being a woman, something people don’t often talk about is: maternity. Being a mother is one of the most precious things a woman can experience but it also comes with a lot of responsibility, work, and sometimes with psychological issues. Getting used to not being priority, losing time with friends, partners and social life in general. That doesn’t mean you are less of a normal woman but you are a more empowered one now. 

Some women often battle with insecurities about their bodies, not looking young anymore or losing that skinny waist they used to have. That is something we don’t want women feeling and we believe part of feeling great comes from within. We are talking about lingerie. Wearing a great set of lingerie can make anyone feel better and most of all a mom. It doesn’t matter if it’s only for yourself or for your partner, lingerie is a great way to feel young and yourself. 

It's ok for women who have kids to feel like they need some time alone. That’s totally normal. Women carry most of the responsibilities of having kids, this includes cooking for them, getting them ready in the morning, bathing them, picking up their toys, washing their clothes and lots more. Wanting time with friends, wanting to have a spa day or having some drinks is totally normal and that doesn’t mean you don’t love your kids any less. Promote taking care of yourself, having alone time, going on walks to clear your mind and if you have girlfriends who have kids plan a date for all of you to enjoy. Having that alone time will help you keep up with everything you need to do on a daily basis without so much complaints or stress. See article on Mommy: How to feel better with yourself.

Staying true to yourself and what you were used to, with modifications, is something you should aspire when having kids. It's evident that not everything will be the same but it is really important that you take care of yourself as a woman and most importantly your mental health. Visit a professional if you need to and don’t be embarrassed about it. We all are a little crazy sometimes and we just need someone who hears us and gives us another perspective on everything going on and what is bothering you mostly. 

As a women empowerment blog we just want you to... Enjoy your Friday.


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