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Lounging in Lingerie

Lounging in Lingerie

With Covid-19 and lockdown we have made the act of lounging a normal activity and we have also added clothing pieces to do this. Most of the time lounging clothing consists of baggy pants and a hoodie, comfortable wear as pajama shorts and a sweater but, Why not lingerie?

Here at Friday we believe in using lingerie pieces around the house to just lounge but look sexy at the same time. Our pieces will make you feel your very best and trust us when we say it is comfortable. Their material is a great high quality material that will not make you feel insecure or uncomfortable in any way. We do have different styles from the most revealing to more serious yet cute ones. Even if you don’t like just wearing lingerie around the house you can through your usual lounging wear on top and you are ready to go when going to bed or getting a little sexy with your partner. 

Wearing robes is another way to feel more comfortable and lounging in lingerie. This will cover a little more but still do to its mesh material, they are easy to wear and feel feminine. For example our Vanessa robe, it comes in two colors and its lace details are just a dream. 

These pieces are so luxurious you will never want to wear sweatpants and a hoodie to lounge in never again. For us it is really important women feel like goddesses and our pieces will definitely will. 

Wear it on a cute date at home with your partner. This is a great idea and time to use your lingerie. If you want to feel comfortable, cute and sexy at the same time, lingerie is the way to go. Also you will show your partner a little sneak peak for later that night. Trust us when we say he will love it. Remember there are a lot of different lingeries and it is important to pick a piece that will accentuate your best assets and will hug your figure like no other. You can spice things up with garter belts, stockings, cutouts and see through materials. Also can throw a cute dress you have in your closet to cover a little and leave the imaginations alive for later. 





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