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Mommy: How to Feel Better with Yourself

Mommy: How to Feel Better with Yourself

After becoming a mother one of the biggest struggles women go through is lack of confidence. This could be due to body changes, because they don’t have time to take care of themselves anymore or just a hormonal thing. It is very important for women to look for things or activities that bring up that confidence and make them feel good not only as mothers but as wives and women in general. Here at Friday we promote women’s empowerment, self confidence and beauty at all ages, shapes and sizes. No matter if you are single, married or with 10 kids. We all deserve to feel our best at any time.


After having kids, one of the things women and couples in general lack is intimacy. Some women struggle with feeling beautiful in front of their partners and avoid having intimate time. This should not be an issue. There are so many lingerie pieces that can be used to feel better with yourself, to accentuate your body, to slim areas you don’t like and to bring your partner a lot closer. For example: babydolls, garter belts and teddys. See our blog on How to Feel Confident in Lingerie After Having Kids.


Time without kids:

It is really important and normal that as a mom you need time for yourself. This could be a day at the mall, to get your nails done or as simple as taking a bath and popping a face mask. Any alone time you can get is very important and will clear your head before having to deal with house chores or mommy duties. Be sure to ask for help from either your partner, your parents or a nanny to be able to take care of yourself, even if it is only an hour. Going out to dinner with your significant other or drink coffee with some friends, there is nothing too simple when it comes to having that me, myself and I time. 



Not only to get in shape, but it is proven that exercising can release stress and clear your mind from your everyday routine. There is no better way to take care of yourself than to move around, jog for half an hour, take a zumba class or do some pilates. No matter if it is 20 or 30 minutes, this not only will help you with physical health but with mental health too. 


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