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Nursing & Lingerie

Nursing & Lingerie

Becoming a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy or that you lost your sensual side. It is really important to keep that spark on between you and your partner even after having kids. That is something we always promote here at Friday. Keeping confidence, high self esteem and connection with your partner even after giving birth and seeing your body a little different. One thing you can do to keep that spark alive is to wear lingerie. This will give you confidence, will help you feel more comfortable in your own skin and your partner will definitely love it. There are many ways you can use our lingerie even when nursing since most of our pieces are comfortable and easy to move aside when the baby needs it.

One of the most comfortable pieces to wear when nursing is our Juliette bodysuit. Its light top fabric is easy to move when needed and wear back again when finished. This bodysuit is so sexy and delicate you will definitely feel comfortable and sensual at the same time. Bodysuits are great to accentuate your figure and cover a little while being provocative at the same time. Its see through fabric and cutouts will make you feel like a new woman, ready to have some fun once baby is the asleep.

Another piece we recommend when nursing is our Lauren teddy. Same as the Juliette bodysuit, its soft fabric is easy to move aside when needed to nurse. This beautiful piece features a very low plunge neckline and backless look for a more sexy look. Its color is everything and your partner will be in shock when seeing you on this piece.

Last but not least, our robes. What better way to feel sexy when feeding your child than having a cute robe on. They are so comfortable and luxurious you will not want to wear anything else. All of our robes are made out of a soft material and have a tie on the waist to remove it when needed. See our Vanessa and Macey styles.


There are infinite styles you can choose from to feel comfortable and sexy after having kids and when nursing. Remember it is a great way to feel yourself again and keep your relationship alive. Not because you are a mother means you need to set aside your sensual side but it's a great time to bring it out even more and keep the spark alive. Visit our website for more styles:



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