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The Perfect Gifts for Mom

The Perfect Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and here at Friday Intimates we will help you choose the perfect gift for her. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant but just a little something that demonstrates how much you love them. We will give you different choices depending on what kind of mom you have and we are sure anything you get them will surprise them enormously.  Remember the most important gift you can always give them is time and it is something not only she but both of you will cherish forever.


For the jewelry lover:

This is one of the most traditional gifts, a piece of jewelry. It could be a necklace, a pair of earrings or a bracelet. It could have a meaning behind the piece, maybe with her birthstone, her kids initials or with the word “mom”.



For the fashion lover:

How about a purse or maybe a pair of sandals. Be sure to think what she will use more or if she is in need of something in particular. A pair of sneakers could be great for exercising, or maybe a cute dress to wear on her next mommy day out.



For the self-care lover:

This is something every mom will appreciate. It could be a gift certificate for a spa or maybe just some cute products for a pampering day at home. A face mask, some scrubs, aromatic candles or a lovely perfume. Give her something she will enjoy by herself and use on a Sunday self-care routine. 



For the beauty lover:

Makeup, most moms love makeup. Something they can use either on an everyday basis to go to work or for a date night out with dad. It could be an eyeshadow pallet, some lipsticks or even a great kit of makeup brushes.



For the coffee and cooking lover:

Give mom something they will enjoy in the kitchen. Air fryers are something very popular nowadays, or maybe an electric mixer if she likes baking cookies and sweets. Also you can get her a coffee machine, for those coffee lovers out there. 



For the tech lovers:

We think young moms will love this! A polaroid camera, a watch or just a cool new phone case. These days when technology is one of the most innovative things and gifting tech products is a popular thing. 


There are so many options to choose from it is difficult only naming one. Even taking her out for dinner, to see a movie or a walk around the park. Most importantly remember to celebrate moms everyday and enjoy every minute with her.  It's the memories that will remain forever. 







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