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Who is Friday Intimates?

Who is Friday Intimates?

You should be asking yourself, what is Friday Intimates? Well, let us introduce ourselves. Hi, we are Friday Intimates, your new favorite lingerie line that will make you feel confident, sexy and secure at all times. From bras to babydolls, from undies to robes, our line has everything you need, not only for your intimate life but for your everyday. 

If you start thinking about what is the first thing that makes a woman feel confident and empowered, you will for sure say, feeling pretty and comfortable in their own skin. Well, our founders, leading women with the mission of making every woman feel like that, have come up with high quality pieces that will for sure become staples in every woman’s wardrobe. When we asked one of our founders, what she thinks about lingerie she said: “Lingerie is the only piece us women use that talks for us; it's an expression of our own style and that makes us unique.” Well she is right, no matter what lingerie piece a woman uses it is how she wears it, what she expresses with it and all of that comes after that certain piece makes her feel beautiful. That is what Friday Intimates is all about.

So, while talking about expressing ourselves, one of the most important parts of a woman’s life is intimacy. A moment to express confidence, security and most of all LOVE, not just to your partner but to yourself too.  A moment where not only do we feel vulnerable but most of the time we are only thinking about what is going through our partners mind, about our body and how we look, and that should NOT. BE. IT. Intimacy is a very important part in every relationship, where both partners should feel relaxed and focused only on each other. Well, that is what Friday Intimates wants, for women to feel secure in their own skin, enough to only focus on their partner in the most intimate moments. 

Leaving intimacy aside, what about every day? Well, if our pieces make her feel confident in one of the most vulnerable moments for us women, imagine on a daily basis. Friday Intimates has a variety of different pieces that will also compliment your clothes. Not only will they wear them under their favorite t-shirt or that new silky dress but they will want to wear them as a bodysuit, pairing them with a pant or a skirt. 

I mean, 2020 has hit us hard and what better way to pick ourselves up than feeling confident, feeling sure of what we are capable of and just feeling like we can conquer the world. Visit us every week for more Friday Intimate chit chats.

Welcome and enjoy your Friday!

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