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Why Friday Intimates

Why Friday Intimates

Friday Intimates was born with the initiative to provide women high quality, flattering pieces of lingerie for every body type making every woman feel confident while wearing them.

Our pieces have been designed for every type of woman, with a clear vision of what each of them needs to feel secure, interesting and sexy everyday, anywhere and at any time. Lingerie has become a staple in every woman's intimacy giving them the liberty and security to express themselves and take their self-esteem to the next level. We have created durable pieces for every occasion that will for sure become a must have in every woman's wardrobe.

Our founders are leading women with the vision and mission of making every woman feel powerful and capable of doing everything they want while using their pieces. “Lingerie is the only piece us women use that talks for us; it's an expression of our own style and that makes us unique.”